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Educational and Entertainment services, namely, providing training and motivational speaking services in the field of self-esteem and life-balance.


Dan Schuck


Dan is an author, speaker and communication expert with over 20 years experience in the Financial Services Industry. 

As a high-school exchange student living in West Germany, just along the East German border, I quickly learned that I needed to look at the world with a very different perspective.


Upon my return to America, this experience led to a passion for studying Communication at the University of California, San Diego where I learned from some of the greatest thinkers in the fields of Human Information Processing and Cognitive Sciences.


As a corporate executive and consultant Dan focuses on Perspective , Stress Reduction and Life Balance. 


In 2018, as a result of mental health related tragedy in his family, Dan used his drive and story telling abilities to author a “children’s book for grown-ups”, to raise awareness and motivation for proactive mental health care in the county. 


He lives in Long Beach, California and is the father of 12-year old twin sons.

After a few years in a music career, the explosion of the Internet and my continued interest in Communication led me to a successful career in Financial Services Technology.


As a corporate leader and manager, my work with organizational improvements and team leadership training led me to crystallize much of the “Practicing Perspective” framework as I began using the Glass Half question to help myself and others discuss our perspectives.



In 2018, my efforts to distill this into a simple Children’s Book format were further fueled by a mental health tragedy in my family that inspired the publication of the book and development of the Glass Half Question program and Practice Perspective video series.